Carl Fantauzzo

Carl Fantauzzo A.K.A. “The ROC City Ninja” is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a three-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior and national finalist. He’s a committed competitor and now the co-founder of The Warrior Factory in Rochester New York.

McKinley Pierce

Warren, Vermont native McKinley “The Lady Mighty Mouse” Pierce has competed on the American Ninja Warrior television show and is a National Ninja League competitor as well.

Noel Reyes

Known as “The Rapping Ninja” Noel Reyes is a dedicated NYC firefighter and has made his name on the OCR world with 4 appearances as an American Ninja Warrior competitor & Team Ninja Warrior 2 competitor.  Noel will be on hand signing autographs for Friday’s Meet & Train.

Lucio Battista

Lucio Battista appears in American Ninja Warrior season nine in Cleveland, which aired July 10th 2017 on NBC. Battista has also competed in the National Ninja Leagues first two seasons. He is also a master of the mustache he has received second place for Best English Mustache in the Nation. In September of 17 Battista took his mustache to the World Beard and Mustache Competition.

Justin Kydd

Known as “Mr BodyWeightless” – Maryland native Justin Kydd is thirty-four years old and a former American Ninja Warrior finalist. In addition to American Ninja Warrior, Justin has competed in obstacle course race events around the country including Titans of Texas and in the National Ninja League. In addition to his rigorous training schedule Justin is also a father of two, a Big Brother, and a software developer.

Ernest Greer: River Warrior I Champion

Ernest “The People’s Ninja” Greer from Boston Massachusetts, also known as a hip hop street dancer has competed in the National Ninja League Season 2 where he became number 1 in the nation. Greer has also appeared on the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” Come see him bust a move on and off the course. Ernest emerged victorious at River Warrior I, completing the River Warrior course in a blistering 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Ernest will be returning in 2018 to defend his title.

Patrick Hall

“Buffalo’s Spider-man” as people call him, has been personal training and performing group fitness classes since 1999. Patrick is considered by many to be the most sought after personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Western New York. His vast knowledge of all disciplines of fitness have enabled him to compete in many different facets from decorated bodybuilder to featured competitor on the hit television competition series American Ninja Warrior. Patrick has learned to prepare his body, as well as his clients, for any and all fitness challenges.

Dave Kozak

Nicknamed “Ageless” by the twenty- and thirty-somethings against whom he competes, Kozak is a retired Air Force and commercial airline pilot who spent nearly forty years in the cockpit and flew on over 188 missions in Vietnam. He took up adventure racing in 2012 at the age of sixty-five when his son and daughter-in-law invited him to join their team for a Spartan Race.



Buffalo River Warrior is an all ages mixed-discipline obstacle course competition that combines elements of Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudder, and Spartan. Adult contestants are competing for bragging rights, as well as a $1500.00 cash prize, all other age groups compete for medals, personal achievement and the adoration of the fans.



Phone: 844.SIX.CANS
Fax: 716.342.2310
Address: 359 Ganson Street, Buffalo NY


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